What do we offer?

  • Independent support and advice for medical teams and parents to help them resolve disagreements about the medical care of a child
  • Mediation as an alternative to going to court
  • Training in managing and resolving conflict for health professionals and families

Who are we?

We are accredited mediators with many years experience of working with health professionals, parents and children. Some of us also have post-graduate qualifications in medical law and ethics. Our panel of advisors includes a parent with experience of caring for a child with a life-limiting illness, consultants in paediatric palliative care and childhood cancer and a clinical ethicist. We also make every effort to seek the views of children and young people who have personal experience of chronic or life limiting illness.

What is Medical Mediation?

Medical Mediation offers an alternative way of resolving medical conflicts. The basis of mediation is that it is confidential and voluntary. As mediators we do not take sides. We are there as supportive listeners. We provide a safe environment for all sides to speak without being judged.

The only circumstance in which the mediator will pass on what is said in mediation is if they believe there is a significant risk of harm to a person or if either side is breaking the law.

How can mediation help?

Early on

We can offer facilitated discussion between the parties involved – talking to each party separately to try and understand what’s causing the disagreement and then, if appropriate, bringing them together to see if a resolution can be reached. Helping the parties to understand each other and providing everyone with an opportunity to be heard at an early stage, can prevent the disagreement escalating.


If the dispute has already escalated we can provide more formal mediation to see if it can be resolved without recourse to the courts.

Eleventh Hour

If legal action has begun, mediation may remain an option if all parties wish it and the court agrees.

Training in effective communication and conflict management for health professionals

Underpinning many conflicts in medicine are breakdowns in communication and trust between health professionals and families or between members of a clinical team. Knowing how such conflicts can arise and learning how to recognise and manage them is an important part of the ‘toolkit’ of any clinical team.

We offer:

  • training in effective communication and conflict management for health professionals. Our half day and one day courses are tailor-made to meet your needs and take place in or near your place of work.

Are we really independent?

Yes. We are not attached to any hospital or institution.

Do we have a Code of Conduct?

Yes. Any mediator provided by The Medical Mediation Foundation will adhere to a strict Code of Conduct which has been written to take account of the particular circumstances involved in working in specialist medical settings.

Do we have a Complaints Policy?

Yes. Complaints about a mediator provided by The Medical Mediation Foundation or about any aspect of the mediation itself should be addressed in the first instance to: The Directors, The Medical Mediation Foundation, 1 Mercer Street, London WC2 9QJ or emailed to info@medicalmediation.org.uk. In either case, the complaint will be acknowledged by email, in writing or by telephone (as requested)  within three working days. We will make every endeavour to investigate and respond to the complaint in writing within 25 days. mmf-complaints-procedure


Cancellation Policy

Please note that training courses which have been booked and confirmed are subject to the following cancellation charges:

If you cancel at least 28 working days prior to the start of the course you will be charged a 10% administration fee plus VAT.
If you cancel between 28 and 10 working days prior to the course date you will be charged 30% of the cost of the training plus VAT
If you cancel less than 10 working days before the event you will be charged 50% of the cost of the training plus VAT.