Mother with baby in medical care

The Medical Mediation Foundation offers mediation and decision-support to health professionals and families to help resolve conflicts about the medical care of a child.

  • We aim to restore trust and good communication between all those involved.
  • We try to prevent conflicts escalating to a point where asking the courts to decide seems to be the only way forward.
  • We work independently of any hospital or healthcare organisation.


We can help if:

  • you’re a parent trying to decide what’s best for your child
  • you’re a young person who has different views from your family about your medical care
you’re a health professional trying to resolve a disagreement about medical care with a family
  • you’re a health professional trying to resolve a disagreement with a colleague
  • you’re a hospital administrator trying to find an alternative to going to court.



Understanding what can trigger conflicts between health professionals and families and how they can escalate is an important part of learning how to manage and resolve them. We offer tailor-made training courses and workshops designed to help health professionals working with children and families to spot the warning signs for conflict and learn how to manage them.

Meet the people

Sarah Barclay

Dr. Simon Meller

Dr Jan Kohler

Reiltin Tighe
Director and Mediator

Dr Chris Danbury

Julia Bowen

Oscar Mathew
mediator and trainer

Dr. Richard Hain

Our Advisers

Andrew Bush

Neil Marlow

Victoria Butler-Cole