What do we offer?

We offer training courses and workshops specifically designed to help health professionals understand how and why conflicts can arise between themselves, their colleagues and families and what they can do to try and resolve them. These strategies are an important part of the “toolkit” of any healthcare team.

Underpinning many conflicts about the medical care of children are breakdowns in communication and trust between health professionals and families or between members of a clinical team. Advances in medicine can mean that patients and families have ever increasing expectations of treatment and care; expectations which cannot always be met.

Good communication needs time – and there never seems to be enough of it. Demands on an increasingly stretched healthcare system means that conflicts between health professionals and families are arising more often. The impact can be enormous – not just in terms of management time but in terms of the emotional cost to all those involved.

Our half day and one day training courses are tailor-made to meet your needs and take place in or near your place of work. Content includes:

  • How to recognize the warning signs for conflict between health professionals and families.
  • Different strategies for managing conflict.
  • What is expected of you as a healthcare professional if conflict arises.
  • How mediation can help resolve conflicts and when it can be used.
  • Your personal attitude to conflict and how to use different approaches.