For adult patients

When you or a family member are seriously ill, distress and upset can make it difficult to know if you are making the right decisions about treatment and care. Unfamiliar situations, uncertainty and poor communication mean that misunderstandings can occur and conflict can arise between you, your family and the professionals looking after you. We support all those involved to reach a way forward that everyone can agree to.

Medical and Social Care Mediation

Mediation feels quite daunting, scary and uneasy initially but after some time of being with the mediator… and passing ideas around, I felt much more at ease and started to gain some valuable ideas and get somewhere.


We help patients, families and care teams to:

  • Restore trust and good communication
  • Understand the key issues and what can realistically be achieved
  • Agree a way forward that everyone can accept
  • Focus on the person being cared for and make sure their wishes and views are heard or represented
  • Avoid the conflict escalating further


How we work

We work independently of any health or social care organisation. The mediation will go ahead once everyone is willing to take part. Before the mediation we will contact you to agree a convenient time to meet, discuss what mediation involves and talk about the disagreement. Mediation is a flexible process so the number and length of meetings will vary from case to case.



The flexibility and openness of the mediator was so helpful.

– Healthcare professional

Everything that is said during a mediation is confidential. Your express consent is needed to share any information. Only the terms of any agreement will be written down and shared with those involved.

Mediation is “without prejudice” - a legal term which means that nothing said during the mediation can be used if the disagreement later goes to court. The only circumstances when confidentiality may not apply is where the mediator believes that there is a significant risk of harm to a person or if either side is breaking the law, or is ordered to disclose information by a court.


Download our guide

Click to download our guide for patients and families about mediation.