New online conflict management training announced with NHS England

by Sarah Barclay, Director MMF

Sarah Barclay

We're delighted to announce our new partnership with NHS England and the launch of the first online Conflict Management Training in Children’s Healthcare.

Staff working at all levels in children’s healthcare will for the first time be able to access an online toolkit for recognising, managing and de-escalating conflict between families and healthcare professionals.

Conflict is upsetting and time-consuming for everyone involved and can also affect the care and treatment of a child. The new Understanding and Managing Conflict in Children’s Healthcare e-learning foundation course will support staff to enhance their skills and confidence in managing these challenging situations.

Created by MMF in partnership with NHS England, the content has been developed with the support and expertise of health professionals and parents and carers, who have had direct experience of conflict in children’s healthcare. To find out more and to access the training, please visit the NHS England e-learning Hub


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