Managing conflict with colleagues: Clinical team development

Our team development sessions help clinical teams to:

Working with MMF has been invaluable in supporting our service by facilitating and mediating historical individual and team conflict... enabling the service to achieve, develop and deliver enhanced clinical outputs in children’s services with a more engaged and cohesive workforce.

– Head of Occupational Therapy, Evelina London Children's Hospital

  • Engage in meaningful conversations to move them forward.
  • Develop a shared vision
  • Agree their “team rules” and how they will behave with each other
  • Address problematic behaviours without formalising the issue.
  • Develop resilience to cope with external pressures

How we work

Our experienced facilitators are also trained mediators and are experts in helping groups to engage in constructive, open discussions. Our process includes:

  • Meeting with the team lead to talk about the focus of the facilitation sessions
  • Facilitating an open, constructive discussion around the issues at hand, with a focus on a balance of voices
  • Option for 1-to-1 work with team members
  • Reaching agreement within the team
  • Follow up session to encourage the embedding of any changes