Conflict management framework

Conflict management framework trainingOur experience and research working with health and care teams led us to develop a formal conflict management framework.

The framework embeds conflict recognition and de-escalation into your organisational culture, reducing incidents and time spent dealing with conflict and improving staff confidence in successfully de-escalating difficult situations.

Picture: Testing the conflict management framework: Our Steering group meets to discuss the results.

How it works

"The framework has helped us to provide a strategic and consistent response to conflict and to identify this at an early stage."

– Matron, Leeds Children’s Hospital

Creating a conflict resilient culture requires commitment and support from the top of your organisation. Our tiered approach to embedding the conflict management framework includes:

Preparatory phase

Identification of key people to support the project. This must include a letter of support from the Board and a named senior clinician who takes responsibility for the project.

Level 1: training of frontline staff

All staff undertake our 1-day training in conflict recognition and management.

Level 2: training of “conflict champions”

A small number of staff identified from tier 1 undergo a further 1-day training in the implementation of the pathway in their clinical area.

Level 3: sustainability

A small number of staff attend our “train the trainers” 2-day programme and are then available to train further staff.

We customise our implementation strategy to suit your organisation. Contact us to discuss how we can help your organisation become conflict resilient.

The Conflict Management Framework (CMF) and Action Cards are resources are available to those delegates who have completed our Level 2 Training. If you wish to access this content and would like to find out more, please contact us at