Level 1 - Foundation - Conflict with parents and families

Learn the essentials of recognising and understanding conflict between families and health care providers

Our Level 1 Foundation training is the essential toolkit for recognising and understanding conflict between families, caregivers and health and social care providers.

This training teaches you to:

  • Understand the causes and triggers for conflict with families, caregivers and patients
  • Recognise signs of potential or actual conflict
  • Intervene and manage difficult situations
  • Prepare for challenging conversations
  • Discuss and manage conflict cases within & between teams.

Course delivery:

  • One-day or 2 x ½ days face to face or virtual workshops
  • Or e-learning programme x 3 modules.

To book onto this training, get in touch with the MMF team.

Some members of staff who have completed level 1 training may wish to progress to level 2 training which is focused on using the Conflict Management Framework (CMF).

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