Managing conflict with parents and families

Recognising and managing conflict between families and healthcare providers

Introducing our Conflict Management Programme - helping recognise, understand, and manage conflict between families, caregivers and health and social care providers

Our comprehensive Conflict Management Programme equips health and social care providers with the confidence and skills to engage with families, caregivers and patients.

Compassionate communication is as important as clinical expertise but many people working in health and social care settings have not received any formal training to help them deal with difficult and complex conversations.

MMF’s tailor-made training is supported by research and gives health and social care providers the skills and confidence to listen, identify and manage with conflict when it arises.

Select one of the Levels below and find out how we can help you progress through the levels of conflict resolution.

Get in touch with the MMF team to find out how we can help you and your department/organisation with our Conflict Management Training. Email or call 020 3923 7093.