Managing conflict with colleagues: Clinical team facilitation

Our Team Facilitation is for clinical teams who are encountering conflict, either within the team or with teams around them. Our structured approach looks to help the team to identify areas of strength, challenges and barriers, and offers a step by step session plan to help things improve.

Common themes in our work include:

  • Bringing about a better balance of voices to team discussions
  • Improving team dynamics, trust and psychological safety in a group
  • Effective decision making
  • Having healthy difficult conversations

Our aim in this work is to allow the team to engage with difficult topics in a psychologically safe way, and to build a constructive future together.

How we work

A typical process would include:

  • Meeting with the commissioner of the work, to get their view on the team in question
  • Meeting with the team lead, and members of the team, on a 1:1 basis
  • Working with the team, lead and commissioner to determine the scope of the work, and parameters for success
  • Group session work with the team on the areas in question
  • Check-in and evaluation after the event